Frequently Asked Questions

Can a battery pack be installed to the Roof Scoop?

The long-term performance of a battery can not match the longevity of the Roof Scoop. For our product to remain maintenance free and consistent in performance, we do not provide a battery powered option.

Is ventilation more effective than insulation at keeping the summer heat out?

Ventilation and insulation complement each other. Insulation will slow down the heat from entering the living space, while ventilation will regulate the roof space temperature. Prevention vs cure.


Is the Roof Scoop waterproof during strong wind driven rain?

Waterproofing was a factor in our decision to produce custom-made vents. The Roof Scoop is not a “one-size fits all” vent. It fits your tile perfectly, making it more waterproof as it will not break as a tile would.


Will the Roof Scoop Air still be effective on non-windy days?


When there is a temperature difference between two adjoining volumes of air, the warmer air will have lower density and be more buoyant thus will rise above the cold air creating an upward air stream. This will create a pressure difference, creating a natural draft through the roof space.

Is the Roof Scoop noisy?

No. The Roof Scoop is whisper quiet.


How many will i need to install?

No two houses are the same. A package built for your humble single storey, two-bedroom home may not be sufficient for your neighbour's two storey, five-bedroom mansion. We provide onsite evaluations so that we can tailor an adequate package for your specific requirements.


What is the average cost for a Roof Scoop system?

We can provide packaged within most people's budget thanks to our highly customised product. We have units for as little as $220 and multi-unit packages starting from $640.

Can my Roof Scoops be relocated to my new house?

Yes. We can attach your components to a new custom-pressed body to suit the different tile profile. Ask about our relocation offer.

Can the Roof Scoop be installed to a metal roof?

We have a corrugated metal roof profile available in the entire Colorbond range. We do not have an option for flat metal roofs.

Will solar panel installation affect the Roof Scoops?

Solar panels can cover the RS Air, but not the RS Storm Solar Scoops. The RS Storms are typically installed close to the ridge caps and away from solar panels.


Why Us


Specialising in leak detection has exposed us to all roof leak contributors such as poorly installed solar panels, TV antennas, skylights and roof vents. Any addition which requires an opening in your roof can increase the risk of a future water leak. We are experts in repairing roof leaks, and more importantly, we know how to avoid creating them. Roof Scoops will never come at the expense of a future roof leak because all our products are installed in-house by a Roof Scoop professional roofer.

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What People Say

Moe did a great job on the install and the quality of the products are, in my opinion, very high. Perfect alternative to traditional ventilation methods.

Scott, Glenmore Park, NSW

The temperature in my bedrooms upstairs is noticeably cooler after installing the Roof Scoops.

Marina, Malabar NSW

Really happy with my Roof Scoops! You can tell the difference in temperature immediately. Not only is it silent was anything, but the service and support from the team has been better than awesome.

George, Kingsgrove, NSW