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Roof Scoop Ventilation is a pure family business with 16 years of relevant experience in roof leak detection, repairs, and ventilation. We are experts in repairing roof leaks, and more importantly, we know how to avoid creating them. Call us for whirlybird installations in Sydney, roof ventilation systems, roof ventilation fans, roof vents for metal roofs and more.

Our tailored approach to ventilation results in noticeable benefits. We understand that attic size isn't the only factor to consider when deciding the type and quantity of Roof Scoops. Two homes with equal attic volume could significantly differ when comparing insulation, tile sarking, tile type and house direction. Our recipe for success is simple.



Specialising in leak detection has exposed us to all roof leak contributors such as poorly-installed solar panels, TV antennas, skylights and roof vents. Any addition which requires an opening in your roof can increase the risk of a future water leak. We are experts in repairing roof leaks, and more importantly, we know how to avoid creating them. Our work will never come at the expense of a future roof leak because all our products are installed in-house by a Roof Scoop Ventilation professional roofer.   

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Roof Ventilation Systems For All Types Of Roof Vents in Sydney

Attic vents are important for maintaining proper ventilation in the attic space of your house. They allow fresh air to enter the attic while allowing hot, moist air to escape, which can help regulate the temperature and humidity levels in the attic. Hence, it is important to have an efficient roof ventilation system, including a roof ventilation fan, so that your attic gets the insulation it needs.

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Your Attics Should Have Proper Ventilation

In order for your attics to function properly, it is necessary that they have proper insulation, venting and sealing. Insulating your attic vents can go a long way in keeping your home temperature consistent throughout summers and winters. Venting will help increase the roof life by regulating the attic temperature by preventing mould growth. Eventually, your roof should be well sealed to prevent any kind of air leaks. With our roofing options and services, you can rest assured that a proper roof ventilation system is installed at your place.


How It Works

Firstly, you need to understand that ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust.

Attic ventilation is essential to your home for several reasons. For starters, it makes for a cooler attic in the summertime, & In the winter, attic ventilation drastically reduces moisture and condensation. In short, proper attic ventilation is a must, and good ventilation starts with a properly positioned combination of both intake and exhaust vents.

Remove Condensation & Dampness

Remove Trapped Roof Heat

Take Load Off Your A/C Unit

Increase Your Comfort & House Health

Let Your Home Have The Required Ventilation System It Needs

In Sydney and other parts of Australia, you can fall prey to harsh environmental conditions. Your house can have several types of roof vents, but if there is no proper ventilation system with a roof ventilation fan in place, then it can’t withstand these weather conditions. We have several types of roof vents, like whirlybird and others that are suitable for any type of roof, like metal and more. So, if you are looking to have a proper ventilation system in place let us help you out.  We are experts at whirlybird installations in Sydney so call us for a free quote.

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Choose The Right Type Of Roof Ventilation Option

There are various types of roof vents that we can install for your place. You may require either an intake vent or an exhaust vent. We have them here at Roof Scoop Ventilation. Some factors to consider before selecting a product or package include roof space volume, insulation and sarking presence, existing ventilation systems and most importantly, what you're trying to achieve.

If you are looking for an intake vent, then our RS Air model is the perfect option that you can choose. In case of exhaust vents, RS Lite is what you can choose to install. Our three RS pro vents models are the upgraded version of the RS lite with higher fan speeds and are more suitable for challenging environmental conditions. Just call our friendly team to find out about our roof ventilation options.

We Provide Easy Installation Of Whirlybirds At Your Place

Whirlybirds are one of the popular roofing options that are preferred by households in Australia. When you have whirlybirds installed on your roofs, they prevent hot air from being passed from your ceiling to the inner rooms. Hence, if you are considering the installation of whirlybirds at your space in Sydney, then our team can help you out. Not only are they affordable but they are also easily installable.

Our Rs Pro Is The Perfect Fit For Your Metal Roofs

We have provided successful installation of roof vents for metal roofs all around Sydney. Therefore, you can consider our RS Pro a perfect fit for all your needs. You can choose one of the many colours and pick the product based on a particular budget. Conceived for heavy-duty industrial applications, the RS Pro is a rugged, high-speed version of the RS Lite. Thanks to the outstanding aerodynamic efficient blades and a novel three-phase motor, the RS Pro version provides superior airflow and pressure capacity while keeping noise levels and power consumption moderate.


Features & Benefits

Purchasing a Roof Scoop system has many benefits that will not only improve your home
but improve your quality of life. Whether it's summer or winter, we can guarantee that
your home will benefit from any of our ventilation options.

  • Free to run and does not require maintenance.

  • Powered by efficient monocrystalline solar cells for excellent low sunlight performance.

  • Solar cells are protected by an ETFE highly transparent, non-adhesive and self-cleaning cover.

  • 100% waterproof in all weather conditions.

  • 100% pest proof stainless steel mesh.

  • Fan and motor are engineered to perform in extreme conditions.

  • Whisper-quiet operation.

  • Extracts 90 – 155 cubic feet of air per minute.

  • Increased air velocity through our patented, tapered fan housing design.

  • Made using custom pressed Bluescope Colorbond steel.

  • The body is custom-made to fit your tile profile to ensure a secure and unobtrusive installation.

  • Creates healthy cross-ventilation through your home.

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What People Say

Moe did a great job on the install and the quality of the products are, in my opinion, very high. Perfect alternative to traditional ventilation methods.

Scott, Glenmore Park, NSW

The temperature in my bedrooms upstairs is noticeably cooler after installing the Roof Scoops.

Marina, Malabar NSW

Really happy with my Roof Scoops! You can tell the difference in temperature immediately. Not only is it silent was anything, but the service and support from the team has been better than awesome.

George, Kingsgrove, NSW

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